The John Philip Sousa Junior Honors Band Project

Sousa Junior Honors Band projects are organized annually or biennially and may be hosted at different locations throughout the United States. The project was inaugurated in 2001 and many bands have been successfully established in several geographical locations.


1) To provide opportunities to perform in an honors band by junior high and middle school students at their level of performance.

2) To create opportunities for junior high school musicians to further develop their musical and performance skills.

3) To provide opportunities for junior high school band directors and students to participate in special instrumental clinics and rehearsals.

4) To build support for the junior high level of bands from parents, school administrators and communities,

5) To enhance self-esteem and confidence in the junior level band student.

6) To motivate gifted band members by providing them with additional opportunities for the development of their special musical skills.

7) To provide bonding experiences with student musicians from other schools.


Any band director may apply to the Project Chair for the opportunity to organize and host a Sousa Junior Honors Band in their area.


Gladys Wright, Chair

Junior Honors Band Project

345 Overlook Drive

West Lafayette, Indiana 47906


phone: 765 463 1738

Thomas Reynolds

Assistant Coordinator - Sousa Junior Honors Band Project

PO Box 102

Templeton, MA 01468


phone: 617 529 9402

The privilege of hosting an honors band in a specific area will be reserved to the organizer as long as the project is held on a regular basis. Regions of organization may be established within a single state or may comprise an area of several states but should encompass a realistic geographical area.


Each participating student must be a member of a junior high or middle school band.

A participation fee should be established for each participant to cover organization, rehearsals and performance, and other anticipated costs of the event. The Sousa foundation will provide an embroidered participation patch for each participant at a cost of $6.00 each and such cost should be included when establishing the fee.

All funds collected must be forwarded promptly to the Sousa Foundation Treasurer:

Gerald Guilbeaux, Treasurer

Junior Honors Band Project

All bills for expenses should first be approved by the local Chair and sent to the treasurer who will pay them promptly. This procedure protects the local Chair and guarantees that all bills are paid in a timely manner.

CD recordings, group photos, and/or T-shirts may be made available to the participants at a cost that will make the sale of these items self supporting. This is optional but the funds must be handled as outlined above.

It is recommended that the event last not less than two days and not more than four. A two day event is more meaningful than a one day event. Where necessary, the Chair should make local hotel arrangements for students and parents that may wish to stay overnight. The Chair should collect the housing funds directly from them and forward the funds to the Sousa Foundation Treasurer, listed above,  who will pay the bill when it is received. The program of activities should include at least one 45 minute clinic for each of the instrumental sections of the band.

The music for the program should be selected by the organizer who should have a good idea concerning the potential level of excellence of the band and the participants. The guest conductor may be involved with the music selection process, but the local organizer must make the final decisions. Music should challenge the students but not discourage them. All programs must include a march by John Philip Sousa. Music should be borrowed from the participating schools whenever possible. It is not the intention for the host to build a Sousa Junior Honors Band music library.

An honors band experience should include the following:

Future and Past Junior Honors Band Festivals

1. Rehearsals under the baton of a guest conductor who at sometime has taught at the middle school level or is cognizant of the level of skills in a middle school band.

2. A clinic session on his or her instrument which can be done by local band directors or college staff members.

3. A musical "Fun Night" or similar activity should be organized for the participants.

4. The opportunity to hear a performance by a fine middle school band or other qualified instrumental organization or soloist.

Contact any of the links below for further information.

South Region-Sousa Southern High Honor Band May 29-31, 2024 Tifton, GA (ABAC) 

For application: e-mail,

South Region for 2021 Dublin, GA -January 2021

Kansas Junior Honors Band
 February 2005-2012

The New England Junior Honors Band April 2002, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012

Florida Gulf Region Junior Honors Band, Panama City Beach, FL  April 2003

Alabama Gulf Region Junior Honors Band. Orange Beach, AL 2005

South Region Sousa Honors, Valdosta, GA 2004-2018


Debbie Bradley, Organizing Chair - Georgia/Florida/Alabama (South Region)

Thomas Reynolds, Organizing Chair - New England